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Rowing Season #10

1 Jul

This past Saturday was the Stars and Stripes River Festival. My team did really awesome. We took 2nd in our heat (time of 1:56.07) moving us on to the finals which is pretty exciting. Sadly we were ranked 4th going in and we stayed that way (1:56.64), so no medals this season.


There were more people out to watch and participate in the spring corporate regatta festivities than I’d ever seen. It was a great atmosphere and turned out to be pretty fantastic weather as the sun went down. They’ve just installed permanent stadium lighting along the course, and at sunset they held a little ceremony and turned the lights on for racing for the first time.


Nate and I rode the Downtown Discovery bus over from downtown to avoid the parking mess, and while we were waiting for the ride back to the car at 10 p.m. there were STILL people arriving to catch the fireworks show. OKC is pretty awesome.


OKC Corporate Challenge 2013

14 Jun


A few weekends ago I participated in the OKC Corporate Challenge with some of my coworkers. It got off to a bit of a rocky start with Friday night’s events being canceled because of storms, but the weather the rest of the weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. We always wish we could get a few more people to participate, but we did manage to come in 5th place in our division and I think everyone had a good time.

GirlsBasketballOur Women’s 3 on 3 Basketball team above and Men’s 3 on 3 below. The girls are happy with their 4th place finish and the guys aren’t sure what place they finished in (I think we were expecting 5th and actually came in 4th). MensBasketball N&S

Me below in the white cap ready to swim my 50 free. I swam it in 00:00:35.44 which is a pretty good time for me.Swim

Most of our walkers after the 1 mile fun walk.Walkers

Bento Lunch Box

9 Feb

I’m a sack lunch kind of girl and probably bring my lunch 99% of the time. That being said I do get burnt out on packing my lunch from time to time, so I like to think up ways to make myself excited for my lunch and make the lunch packing easy.

Currently I’m obsessed with Bento Boxes. One of my co-workers had a really cute one and after seeing it I started hunting around. The one she has is monbento it’s a French company (Japanese idea French design – can’t go wrong there!) and they ship from France, so after the exchange rate and shipping costs they come to be quite expensive. However Amazon carries a few different colors of the basic box, so as long as you’re not picky you can get one for closer to $30.

monbento Bento Box

The monbento site is pretty awesome with all its choices though.

  1. You can make your own set and pick the color of each piece
  2. They sell square molds for your hard boiled eggs so that the egg will fit in the corner of your bento box
  3. They sell rectangular silicone mini pans so that your quiche or cake or bread will fit perfectly into your bento box

I definitely wouldn’t mind having one!

The Head of the Oklahoma Regatta 2012

1 Oct

What a busy weekend in Oklahoma City! It seemed like there was an endless list of things one could get out and do this weekend. My Friday evening, though, was filled with our final rowing race of the season – at the Head of the Oklahoma, OG+E Nightsprints.

The weather and water were perfect Friday night! We went into the race with a really great time trial time of 01:52, and in order to advance to the finals we had to finish first in our heat or have the next fastest overall time. We raced a 01:49 which we were so proud of since it was our best time this season, but unfortunately was the 5th fastest time overall keeping us just out of the finals.

It’s always a bummer not to advance to finals, but our team worked together really well this season! I hope most of us decide to row again in the spring so we can keep getting better. I forgot to get a team picture, but here are the results of our division’s heats.

Corporate Coed Experienced
1 ChesapeakeĀ  01:45.063
2 ARL/DNA Solutions 01:57.572
3 Chesapeake 02:08.407

1 OGE 01:41.622
2 Integris 01:43.402
3 LamarĀ  01:50.778

1 Chesapeake 01:44.777
2 My office’s team 01:49.304
3 American Fidelity 01:53.632

Rowing Team – Spring 2012

3 Jul

Oklahoma City has really come onto the national rowing (and canoeing and kayaking) scene in the past couple years. We have a beautiful river that for the purposes of rowing is perfect. While it’s incredibly cool that our river and facilities are bringing athletes training for the Olympics to OKC; the boathouse offers a place for those in the community to learn these sports as well. Since I started my job four years ago I’ve participated in my company’s corporate rowing league and this past Saturday was our end of the spring season Stars and Stripes Regatta.

My lovely teammates and I (pictured above) were racing at the highest level this season and were so happy to take second place in our heat and move on to finals. Unfortunately we came in last in finals. It was still a fun time and we’re already gearing up for the fall season which starts next week.

Corporate Challenge 2012

6 Jun

This past weekend was Oklahoma City’s annual Corporate Challenge event. The weekend is like a mini Olympics for employees of OKC companies. My company has been participating for the past four years, and it’s something my co-workers and I prepare and look forward to in the months leading up to it.

2nd Place 5K and 1st Place 5K

The event that’s the biggest deal is the basketball tournament. So, In the months before we try to coordinate basketball practice once a week so that we can practice playing together and brush up on our skills. All that practicing and hard work finally paid off, and the women’s team came away with the gold! We’ve won 2nd a time or two so 1st was huge for us!

The 1st Place Basketball Team

We won’t find out until next week how we did in comparison to the other teams, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 3rd to last place or better (we’ve had last and 2nd to last already). We do know that we won the following:

1st and 3rd Place 5K Cycling

Gold in women’s basketball
Gold in men’s 5K 30-39
Gold in women’s 5K cycle

Silver in women’s freestyle swimming
Silver in the obstacle course
Silver in women’s 5K 30-39

Bronze in men’s sprint relay
Bronze in men’s 5K cycle

I had a part in the women’s basketball, women’s 5K cycle, women’s swimming, and the obstacle course, so I was pretty elated and exhausted after the weekend!

Walk-about Participants

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