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OGE Night Sprints 2013

8 Oct


The corporate rowing team I’m on wrapped up their fall season in October. The Night Sprints regatta is my favorite of the two races, and this year didn’t disappoint. The weather people had been predicting severe weather for that Friday night so I think a lot of people were worried about that and maybe some spectators didn’t come because of it, but it turned out just right. It was a tad windy, but the temperature was perfect and the rain held off until a couple hours after the racing was over!

Typically we race in the co-ed category (no more than 4 men in your boat), but this season we put together an all women’s team. I know I had a ton of fun and hopefully they all did too!

We only had one other boat in our race which was great because it meant no qualifying heat just the final race. They had a time trial of 2:03 and ours was 2:23, so we were at a 20 second disadvantage.

We all put everything we had into the race on the small chance that we might pull off a win. I know we were falling behind for a portion of the race because our cox (the girl in the boat yelling at us to go faster) at one point stopped updating us on where we were compared to the other boat. The whole race goes by so fast, but the main thing was we all pushed hard until the end and none of us caught a crab, lost our seat or messed up.

It was all so close at the end though that our cox had us row until the buzzer for both teams sounded, and I really thought we might have come in second. People were cheering and we finally yelled to some spectators on shore who they thought had won. They said you did!!

Winning our Race

The other team is the boat with white shirts in photos 2-4.

Turns out at the very very end of the race the other team caught a huge crab and died, and we pulled off the win.


Gold medals and a trophy for the team!




Rowing Season #10

1 Jul

This past Saturday was the Stars and Stripes River Festival. My team did really awesome. We took 2nd in our heat (time of 1:56.07) moving us on to the finals which is pretty exciting. Sadly we were ranked 4th going in and we stayed that way (1:56.64), so no medals this season.


There were more people out to watch and participate in the spring corporate regatta festivities than I’d ever seen. It was a great atmosphere and turned out to be pretty fantastic weather as the sun went down. They’ve just installed permanent stadium lighting along the course, and at sunset they held a little ceremony and turned the lights on for racing for the first time.


Nate and I rode the Downtown Discovery bus over from downtown to avoid the parking mess, and while we were waiting for the ride back to the car at 10 p.m. there were STILL people arriving to catch the fireworks show. OKC is pretty awesome.

The Head of the Oklahoma Regatta 2012

1 Oct

What a busy weekend in Oklahoma City! It seemed like there was an endless list of things one could get out and do this weekend. My Friday evening, though, was filled with our final rowing race of the season – at the Head of the Oklahoma, OG+E Nightsprints.

The weather and water were perfect Friday night! We went into the race with a really great time trial time of 01:52, and in order to advance to the finals we had to finish first in our heat or have the next fastest overall time. We raced a 01:49 which we were so proud of since it was our best time this season, but unfortunately was the 5th fastest time overall keeping us just out of the finals.

It’s always a bummer not to advance to finals, but our team worked together really well this season! I hope most of us decide to row again in the spring so we can keep getting better. I forgot to get a team picture, but here are the results of our division’s heats.

Corporate Coed Experienced
1 ChesapeakeĀ  01:45.063
2 ARL/DNA Solutions 01:57.572
3 Chesapeake 02:08.407

1 OGE 01:41.622
2 Integris 01:43.402
3 LamarĀ  01:50.778

1 Chesapeake 01:44.777
2 My office’s team 01:49.304
3 American Fidelity 01:53.632

Rowing Team – Spring 2012

3 Jul

Oklahoma City has really come onto the national rowing (and canoeing and kayaking) scene in the past couple years. We have a beautiful river that for the purposes of rowing is perfect. While it’s incredibly cool that our river and facilities are bringing athletes training for the Olympics to OKC; the boathouse offers a place for those in the community to learn these sports as well. Since I started my job four years ago I’ve participated in my company’s corporate rowing league and this past Saturday was our end of the spring season Stars and Stripes Regatta.

My lovely teammates and I (pictured above) were racing at the highest level this season and were so happy to take second place in our heat and move on to finals. Unfortunately we came in last in finals. It was still a fun time and we’re already gearing up for the fall season which starts next week.

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