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Painting Class

18 Mar

I finished up my painting class at the City Arts Center (now Oklahoma Contemporary) way back in November. I had a good time, and I found myself at the end wishing it wasn’t already over! It was different than I expected, but I really learned a lot. Every week the teacher would give us a photocopy to paint from (you could do what you wanted, but I think he frowned on that a bit). The images were mostly women, either a portrait or a full body shot. In the past I’d generally kept away from figures because figure drawing isn’t something I excel at (we look at people everyday, so when something isn’t in pretty close to perfect proportion it’s noticeable). So all of the paintings really got me out of my comfort zone, but I feel so much better about painting people now! And I came out with 3.75 paintings that I’m pretty happy with (the yellow one needs some work still).DSC02342 DSC02337 DSC02339 DSC02340



2 Oct

I signed up for a painting class at the City Arts Center and it starts tonight! If you’re looking for a place to take art classes in OKC I’d definitely check out City Arts Center. I’ve taken several pottery classes there and they were great, so I’m hoping this painting class is just as fun. I took painting for a couple of my art electives in college and really enjoyed the medium, and I’m excited to get back into it again.

I just dug up a couple of my college pieces, so I guess in 8 weeks when this class is over you all can judge if I’ve gotten any better. 🙂

Reproduction of Camille Pissarro’s “The Boulevard Montmartre at Night”

Reproduction of Vincent van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace at Night”

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