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Friends of the Library Book Sale

23 Feb


One of my favorite events of the year is this weekend, the Friends of the Library Book Sale. Any type of media you can borrow from the library, and possibly some you can’t (VHS and cassette tapes?) is up for sale in one of the huge fair ground buildings. The best part, most things are .50 or a $1.

Nate and I walked away with two grocery sacks of books (nearly 30 books) for $16. They have all types of books but my three favorite things to look for every year are travel books, books I loved to read growing up, and all those suggested reading books from different high school and college literature classes.

It’s open for one more day, so if you have some free time after church definitely check it out!



13 Feb

Sometime last fall Nate, the lucky duck, won courtside tickets to a Thunder game through a work drawing. He got to pick which game and we ended up going to one against the Golden State Warriors on January 17. Another coworker also won a pair and ended up picking the same game, so we had a good time courtside with him and his wife.


Neither of us had sat courtside before, so we were both super excited. I didn’t know it but courtside comes with dinner at either of the two courtside restaurants (the Courtside Club or the Courtside Pub). I wanted to go to the Club because I’d heard it was fancier, but the line was long and not moving, so we checked out the Pub and got right in! The buffet line had lots of tasty pub food including bread pudding which is a recent favorite dessert of mine.

The game was fantastic. Nate couldn’t have picked a better one. Thunder won and KD scored an all time high 54 points. Nate was sitting on the edge and got a good 10 seconds of face time on tv during a free throw. I was not as famous, but my dad texted me a few pictures when he caught glimpses of us. All in all it was a super fun time, and anyone trying to get rid of courtside tickets let me know. I know some people who can put them to good use!


I’m not going to pretend like this is any sort of fashion blog, but I’d been planning my courtside appropriate Thunder outfit since back in November, and I’m pretty proud of the Thunder colored ensemble I put together. So if you’re in the market for something similar: H&M Short Blazer in blue and JCPenney Worthington Pleated Front tank top in Zydeco Red.

2013 Festival of the Arts

26 Apr


This week is one of the best weeks of the year in OKC. Honestly it’s too good, and I wish it would spread its self over a few weeks so I could enjoy more of the wonderful things that are going on! My favorite is the Festival of the Arts but there’s also NBA Playoffs, Norman Music Festival, the Memorial Marathon, H&8th, and probably several more big events that I don’t even know about!

I work downtown, so Festival of the Arts week means my co-workers and I try to eat as many “Culinary Arts” meals as possible. It’s been a busy week so I’ve actually only made it over once for lunch and once meeting a friend for dinner, but it was still a good time as always.


Today for lunch Kaylee, Traci and I all ended up in the LOCAL & deadCenter Film Festival booth line ordering Avocado Chicken Cones. They were a little spicy and pretty good, but not nearly as tasty as Waffle Awesome & UCO College of Fine Arts & Design/KCSC-FM’s Chicken N’ Waffle I had for dinner last night. FestoftheArts_ApplePieSundae

After our avocado cones Traci treated us to Guiltless Concessions & The Harn Homestead & 1889ers Museum’s Apple Pie a la Mode Sundae. The ice cream they use is so tasty I wish I could just get a bowl of it!

Last night I met Jill and Austen for dinner. It was Austen’s first time, so it was fun to see her trying to take everything in, being super stoked for the $1 balloon Jill bought her, and mesmerized by the ballerinas performing at the band shell stage! We both got Chicken N’ Waffles and like I said it was awesome. We were trying to figure out what the sauce they used was because it was a little sweet. I thought maybe something with syrup, but I’m not sure. I didn’t think to snap a picture of my waffle, but Jill got a much more interesting and cute one of me and my little buddy Austen.


Friends of the Library Booksale 2013

22 Feb

I am a lover of libraries. They offer so many things and all for free! The Metropolitan Library System in OKC is no exception. One of my favorite events of February is this weekend, and while not quite free it’s pretty close – the Friends of the Library Booksale. It’s open for free to the public from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th. They have tables and tables of books, videos, dvds, records, magazines…pretty much every type of media, and most of it for a dollar or less. Anyway you should check out their site for all the information, and if it sounds like your kind of thing definitely take a couple of hours to stop by this weekend!

Image via MLS

I Love Local – Downtown Living Tour

12 Oct

Several weeks ago like I had mentioned we went on Downtown OKC, Inc.’s downtown living tour. We took a few pictures of each place which of course don’t do them justice, but you’ll get the idea (and you can find more/nicer pictures on their websites). Most of the places we toured were shown by the people living there; which was so kind of them to open up their homes to the community. They were also all beautifully decorated and furnished. (All prices/square feet are from a pdf Downtown OKC, Inc. provided.)

Hadden Hall
215 NW 10th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103
SqFt: Ranges from 833 – 1739
Rent: $675 – $1050 per month (1 bed)

Twelve Twelve
1212 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Rent: Starting at $750/mo

707 North Hudson
707 North Hudson Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
SqFt: Around 1500
Rent: Around $2500

LEVEL Urban Apartments in Deep Deuce
2nd & Walnut, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101
Rent: 1Bed – $850 – $1160; 2Bed – $1270 – $1520

I love that they’re an apartment complex and they offer recycling!

The Sieber
1305 N. Hudson
SqFt: Ranges from 800 – 1500
Rent: $1100 – $2000

I’ve got one more place to share, but we took quite a few pictures so I’ll save them for another day. The tour really made me want to move further into downtown and redecorate/refurnish my whole apartment. Hopefully Downtown OKC, Inc. will continue to do this tour and will pick a few different places to see next year!

I Love Local – Downtown Living

20 Sep

So the title is a bit of a lie because I don’t technically live downtown, but just stick with me for a minute.

When I graduated from college my roommate and I subleased a house in The Village. After that lease was up we moved into another house in The Village, and then less than a year later a third house also in The Village. Following that house we went our separate ways. I honestly would have been content to stay in The Village, but I wanted to live on my own, and renting an entire house was just a bit out of my budget.

4 houses from the last 4 years

I began looking at downtown and midtown apartment options since I work downtown. While everything I looked at was amazing they were all a bit more than I wanted to spend, or would require me to live in a studio which I just wasn’t sure I’d care for.

I finally ended up a few blocks north of midtown in a great little 8-plex apartment, and I’ve been there for over two years now!

While I don’t know if I’ll ever experience true downtown living I’m excited to tour some of the options on September 30th. Downtown OKC Inc. is putting on a free tour of currently eight different properties. Unfortunately I just checked and it’s completely full, but you can still sign up and get on the waiting list! I’ll definitely post about how it goes.

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