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Garden Fresh Bruschetta

29 Jul

Like I said the tomatoes have been ripening like crazy. We’ve been discussing different things to make with them, and I’ve been trying to remember what all my family would make when we found ourselves in the same predicament growing up. The other day I remembered bruschetta. My family has a couple of recipes we love that came from our neighbors, the VanderVelde’s, who used to live across the street. This bruschetta recipe is one of them.


From the kitchen of the VanderVelde’s

Sliced bread (French or Italian loaf is what I like to use)
Olive oil
Tomatoes (romas work very well)

1. Chop the tomatoes and mix with just enough olive oil to coat them, basil, oregano, and salt. Let this mixture sit for a bit so the flavors mix.
2. Toast the bread under the broiler and then rub each slice with a cut open clove of garlic.
3. Top bread slices with tomato mixture and enjoy immediately.


I Love Local Restaurants – Custino’s Italian Kitchen

7 Jun

Sunday evening after a long weekend of Corporate Challenging we tried a new restaurant, Custino’s Italian Kitchen, that just opened on Britton Rd. I’d read an article from NewsOK that made me even more excited to try it out. Most everything on the menu is around $6 (the only things over $10 are pizzas and lasagna), they have a dining room and a drive through, and the portions are huge.

I was a little bummed because they were out of the ravioli, but there were plenty of other choices. We ordered 10 layer lasagna, spaghetti with a meatball, and a regular cannoli. If you can stop yourself from gobbling up a whole slice of lasagna there is definitely enough for lunch the next day. All of our food was really delicious, and I plan to go back to try the ravioli and the Italian roast beef sandwich.

Custino’s Italian Kitchen
2724 W. Britton Rd.
OKC, OK 73120
Tuesday – Sunday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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