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Gender Neutral Baby Taggie

15 May

I attended a baby shower this past weekend, and the couple isn’t finding out what they’re having. I discovered that it’s kind of hard to find cute gender neutral baby fabric. When I make the taggies I like to buy the quilted fabrics because they end up looking really nice without too much work. I was fully prepared to make my own mini quilt, but luckily I found this cute animal print and brown set that hopefully is neutral enough.

She registered for some nice little bins, so I cheated on the wrapping.



Christmas Time is Here – Gift Ideas

29 Nov

Christmas and the weeks surrounding it are my favorite. I love to put up decorations, drive around and look at the pretty lights, attend holiday parties, shop for or make gifts and give gifts. I do enjoy receiving gifts too, but I really love to think up something special that my friends and family will enjoy and then surprise them with it. I don’t have any pictures of all the things I’ve done the past several years, but honestly I would spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect thing to make (until Pinterest came along and now I just keep running lists!), so all of my ideas were someone else’s first. So without further ado here are some possible things to gift people with.

Little wristlet via: Splityarn

Mini pies in jars via: not martha

Fabric roses via: Everyday Chaos

Magnets via: not martha

T-shirt infinity scarf via: A Bit of Sunshine

T-shirt fringe scarf via: P.S. I made this

Granola via: Chocolate & Zucchini
(This is some seriously good granola that you should at least make for yourself!)

Baby taggies

Ornaments via: Paloma’s Nest
(I love the simplicity of these to commemorate the date. A friend hosted a get together and we made ones similar and had them fired at a local clay shop.)

Calendars via: Rifel Paper Co.
(This is my 2013 calendar, and there are tons of others to be bought. However with a design program (or through a printing company) and a little time you can make one that’s personalized with your own photos or art).

Shop local – a few years ago I promised myself that every gift I purchased would come from a local shop. It was a fun little challenge and made for unique gifts. I ended up buying things like a case of pop from Pop’s, canned goods from Forward Foods, a headband from ShopGood, a funky pair of socks from Blue 7, candles from A Story of Hope, and a tie rose from a booth at Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar.

I’ve got a few different things up my sleeve for this year, but I don’t want to ruin any surprises, so I’ll share them after they’ve been gifted! Good luck on your Christmas shopping or creating!

Baby Boy Taggie

29 Aug

I’m attending a baby shower for my coworker Elena tomorrow, so this weekend I pulled together a little boy taggie. I was down visiting my grandparents when I made it, and the moment I finished I told my grandma I should’ve used her embroidery machine to personalize the blanket! I was kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner, but we made a compromise and embroidered a piece of ribbon to stick in there. I just had to rip out a few stitches to add it to the blanket.

Baby Taggie

9 Aug

I got my sewing machine out last night to mend some clothes and to work on a couple sewing projects I had in mind. The first was a taggie for a shower I’m attending this weekend.

My good friend Elyse (who is an amazing photographer) introduced me to taggies a couple of years ago. We figured out how to make them for a baby shower we were going to (the picture above is of the first one we made), and I’ve been making them for every baby shower I’ve attend since! I didn’t time how long this one took, but I knocked it out while watching the Olympics. They’re easy and super cute, and people almost never realize they’re handmade!

If you want to make one a few tips:

  • Wash and dry your fabric before you start. This will make sure if the taggie is washed later it won’t shrink and get funky along the seams.
  • I started out with fabric squares about 14″ x 14″.
  • Pin and sew your ribbon down (sew it to the right side of one of your squares) before sewing the two squares right sides together.
  • I like to sew a seam all the way around the outside when I’m done. It really makes the taggie look finished and keeps the two sides from rolling apart.

(Thanks for photographing today’s taggie Traci!)

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