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DIY Fancy Hair Ties

25 Dec


As I write this it’s the beginning of September, however I’m going to have to wait until Christmas time to post this because it concerns Christmas presents. I love the Christmas season, and for quite a few years now I’ve been making gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. My rules are the gift ends up being fairly low cost and I make it. Among other things I’ve made jars of granola, little clutches, pies in jars, and my mom’s wheat bread.


This year some friends and family will be getting sets of these little hair ties. Anthropologie sells sets of 5 for $12, but they are super cheap and easy to make. I think they look much cuter on your wrist than regular hair ties too.


Fancy Hair Ties

Fold over elastic (I bought mine from, but you can find it all over Etsy under fold over elastic or FOE)

1. Cut the elastic into strips around 9″ long (5 yards will make you 20 hair ties).
2. Fold in half with the shiny side out and knot the end. Try and get the knot pretty close to the end of the elastic and pull it tight.
3. Run a flame over the cut ends of the elastic to prevent fraying.


Crocheted Infinity Scarf

28 Nov

My family got together a week early to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I asked my Sister-in-Law if she would teach me to crochet. So about two weeks later I now have my first scarf! It’s far from perfect, but for my first try I’m pretty happy with it.

Dual Purpose Clothing

6 Aug

When it comes to dressing myself I’m pretty boring. Most of the clothes I buy are a solid color or if I’m feeling adventurous striped. I counted one time and I think I had 20 or 30 striped shirts. While I’ll probably still buy them in solid or striped I’m fascinated by items that can serve a dual purpose.

Before I spent my semester abroad my Aunt and Uncle gifted me with a pair of these fancy convertible North Face pants. I’ve got them in khaki, and while they do look a bit like tourist clothes they were perfect for my months in the Pacific Rim. They kept me warm in our cold classroom in China and while climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan and zipped off to keep me cool in the hot weather of China and on the beaches of Australia. The biggest plus though was how fast they dried. On my trip last fall to Europe I even took them along because I planned to do some sink laundry, and I knew these would be dry the next morning.

So anyway I’m always keeping an eye out for a piece of clothing like these pants where you can pack one item, but really have a couple. Nate has me hooked on Steep and Cheap which is this site that sells one deal at a time for about 20 minutes or until the item is sold out. I haven’t bought anything off of the site, but I did see this Patagonia Lithia skirt which I ended up buying a couple days later off of The best part is that it’s a skirt or a top! Mine just arrived in the mail and I can’t wait to try it on.











I’ve found a couple of other similar items that I’m keeping my eye on too. Patagonia’s Kamala Skirt which turns into a dress and Horny Toad’s Wind Skirt which is reversible!

Thunder Up! A new XL shirt made small

18 Jun

If you didn’t know the Oklahoma City Thunder are in the NBA finals against the Miami Heat, and the bosses at work are letting us wear our Thunder apparel until the series is over. So I decided an extra shirt would be nice and cut up another XL one I had. I made this one with short sleeves (rather than the 3/4 length). It was a little more work that I intended, but my grandma who is a sewing genius helped me out and it turned out pretty well!

If you want to do your own I measured like my 3/4 length sleeved shirt, basted the sides, trimmed the extra shirt, pulled out the basting, cut off the sleeves, cut the sleeves open, laid everything flat, sewed the sleeves back on, and then sewed the sides up just like the other shirt.

How to turn an XL T-shirt to a Small T-shirt

18 May

If you follow the NBA or live in the OKC area you probably know that the Oklahoma City Thunder have made it to the second round of the playoffs and are now in a series against the Lakers. At work during the playoffs they let us wear Thunder t-shirts. Last year they let us wear jeans and Thunder shirts every single day of the week while the Thunder were in the playoffs which was a bit of a problem laundry wise since I only had my Nick Collison Thunder jirt. While it might have been fun to buy four new Thunder shirts, it also could have gotten a little pricey.

I’d collected several free thunder shirts while attending games, but it was the usual story. All free shirts are XL, and I prefer to wear my t-shirts in size XS. In the past I’d toyed with the idea of cutting XL shirts down and re-sewing them to fit me, but I just didn’t know how to go about it without the shirt ending up looking weird. But I needed extra shirts ASAP, so I started doing research. There are a lot of how to videos out there detailing different ways to cut up and re-do your big t-shirts, but below is the very helpful and basic one I followed. The only things I did differently was measure the sides with a ruler to make sure I was cutting similar amounts off each side, and pin the front and back together so that they stayed in place better while sewing.

And here’s how one of my shirts turned out:

I am pretty happy with it, and I’m always getting complements on it because you can’t buy a shirt like this. You can probably see in the picture that the shoulder seams do come down a bit far, but really it’s not too noticeable and doesn’t bother me. One of these days I might try out a shirt where I cut off the sleeves and bring the shoulders up to their correct spot and then sew the sleeves back on.

I Love Local T-shirts

10 May

It seems like lately in OKC there have been a ton of local artists designing shirts and selling them. I think it’s great! I love seeing all the different designs and picking out new ones as my way of wearing my support for my state, city, or team.

I own several local shirts, but these are my two favorites:


Via: Doin’ Fine Clothing Co.

The first one, Heart in Oklahoma, is from this great little store in Norman called STASH. They carry everything from antiques and art to unique products. Shopping in their store is like going through someone’s stash of beautiful collected items. Sadly I don’t know who the shirt’s designer is, but STASH carries it in a few different colors. I’ve got the sea foam green one pictured above.

The second shirt, Scissortail by Doin’ Fine Clothing Co., I first discovered in DNA Galleries in the Plaza District. DNA Galleries is an art gallery of sorts, but they have so much more than just art to hang on your wall. While I discovered this shirt at DNA I actually ended up purchasing it directly from the artist’s  booth at the Dust Bowl Arts Market a couple of weeks ago. I got the shirt in black with white printing.

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the great local shirts OKC has to offer. If you’re in the market for a new Oklahoma shirt I would highly recommend any of the above listed stores, or if you want to check out a ton of Oklahoma shirts in one stop try Blue Seven. They have a whole wall dedicated to local shirts!

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