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Christmas Decorations

16 Dec

Besides decorating in the fall I also go all out decorating for Christmas. Due to some frustrating apartment things I was really worried that I would spend my Christmas vacation packing and moving rather than enjoying the holiday, time off, family, and friends. Luckily everything worked out so that I can put off moving for a few months which also meant I could decorate for Christmas!


My mom and I have been planning to make ornament wreaths for over a year and I got mine mostly finished over the Thanksgiving weekend. I still want to get a few more ornaments when they go on clearance next week to finish it up.wreath

My elf doesn’t have a name and he just stays on his shelf, but I love to put him out every year. When I was a kid one of my grandmothers had a whole clan of knee hugging elves. When I told my mom about the elf on the shelf that my co-worker was doing for her daughter several years ago, and how it looked so much like my grandma’s elves she gifted me one for Christmas. elf mantle stockingHope you’re enjoying some festive decorations around your homes too!


Decorating for the Fall

26 Nov

fall mantel

Autumn is one season I really enjoy decorating for. I love that I can purchase (for not a lot of money) fresh seasonal produce to decorate with, and that my decorations stay in season for October through Thanksgiving. The past few years I’ve used pumpkins, squash, and pomegranates. I usually pick up various squash from Buy For Less for around .50/lb, mini pumpkins from Aldi for .59 each, and pomegranates from Aldi for 3/$1.

white pumpkin
This year I found the cute little white pumpkins at Walmart in a 3 pack for under $3. I’ve been enjoying these pumpkins on my mantle since the middle of October and they have just a few more days before they get sent to the compost. I added the pomegranates a few weeks ago and if they don’t go bad I’ll keep them up through February since they’re a perfect Valentine’s decoration.pomegranatesHappy Thanksgiving!

Where I’ve Been World Map

8 Jul

I’ve had this project in the works for nearly two years, yikes! The family of one of my best friends growing up kept a map on the wall with pins of all the places they’d been. I always thought it was really neat, but as a 15-year-old I hadn’t been enough places to warrant a map. Now I’ve been a few places, and as I was putting pins in the places I’ve been I honestly couldn’t wait to add more!

This is a pretty cheap project. (Prices are estimates because I bought everything a year or more ago.)
World Map $6
Foam Core to fit your map and cut to size $5 (40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and trimmed $1 at their framing counter)
Spray Mount $7 (at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby use a 40% off coupon)
Map Pins $1.50 (use a coupon again)

All of that comes out to under $20, and the spray mount which is the most expensive item will still have plenty left for another few projects.

worldmappins2I’ve actually made a few of these because the first one was ruined when my apartment roof leaked, I made Nate one (and really owe him another because I tried to make it without any help), and I made this one for myself. So a few tips:

-Have a friend help you! It’s not possible to wrangle a big poster over sticky spray mount without messing up and getting bubbles in your poster.
-Follow the spray mount instructions. Do it when the weather is right, and shake it the full amount of time recommend.
-Use something to squeegee the poster down and eliminate bubbles. Hands don’t work very well, but the edge of a binder or book works great.

worldmapI’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out!

Chevron Pillow

15 Mar

Before I get started here’s my “before” bed picture with my FreeCycle bed I picked up (actually I think my roommate picked it up for me) right out of college.CIMG4692I’ve been trying to knock some projects out this year and here’s one of them I finally finished last month. My inspiration was this pillow I found on Amazon. I’d purchased a body pillow from Target, but I didn’t really love any of the covers they had to offer. I found some awesome grey chevron (canvas) fabric at Hobby Lobby, so I got it instead.

I really intended for this to be a simple no brainer project, but I ran into several problems. The zig zags went the width of the fabric rather than the length of the fabric and of course the fabric width was several inches shorter than the pillow, so I’d have to piece it together and match the chevrons.

I enlisted some help from my grandma and when we went to start measuring and cutting we discovered that the fabric was printed crooked! We finally got everything laid out and I said, so how am I going to put the pillow in and out? Turns out she assumed I was sewing the pillow in the case and I assumed I’d be able to take it out of the case for washing! So one end has a few snaps that I can now open and close.
Overall I’m really happy with how it turned out. My one complaint is that the case is a little saggy, but that’s not a huge deal.

When I was making my bed up to take these pictures I realized I’m really happy with how this area of my apartment has turned out! I of course could get a fancier or nicer looking alarm clock and a more adult looking throw, but I think it’s pretty perfect for now. So this is the “After.”
I also got a new set of sheets which I like. I’ve been drooling over this set from West Elm, which also comes in yellow, for a couple of years. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $70 on a set of sheets. Target finally came out with some striped sheets, and while I very much love the width of the stripes on West Elm’s, Target’s on clearance for $8 will do me just fine!


Fireplace Mirror

11 Feb

I’ve got several mirrors in my apartment, but the one over my fireplace is a bit unique. When I first moved in my Grandma and I went shopping at a little antique store in Blair, OK to find some decorations. I ended up with this medicine cabinet. I was hoping to take the mirror off of its cabinet, but it ended up being too hard, so it’s still got a cabinet behind the mirror. If I wanted I could hide things in it! So here’s the before:

Mirror Before

I’ve been wanting to paint the frame black for AGES and finally got around to it last month. I’m wishing now that there was some way to make the frame have a little more oomph. Maybe a frame on top of the current frame to make it wider? Do you have any ideas? I printed out my heart diagram the other day to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It might be a little on the weird side, but I’m liking it!

Happy 2013

2 Jan

Happy New Year! I did quite a bit of traveling over the Christmas week, so I took it easy on New Year’s Eve and day.

I got all my Christmas decorations put away and put up a couple of wintery decorations.

I’ve been watching my way through every episode of Friends.

I watched a special of one of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, that I’d been meaning to watch for a while.

I watched a random movie off of Netflix, Something’s Gotta Give. It was decent.

I saw this pin probably last January, but yesterday I turned around all of my hangers. Hopefully I can get rid of some clothes because my closet is much too full.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I also did my least favorite chore of cleaning the bathtub. However this little mixture, also found on Pinterest, makes it not so bad.

Source: Uploaded by user via Paul on Pinterest

And I worked on a project I started all the way back in August! It should be finished this week, and I’ll share the results when it is.

Hope you all had a wonderful festive New Year’s Eve and day!

Cross the Ocean Print

29 Oct

I’m in Hawaii, so this awesome print and this quote (by Christopher Columbus) kind of apply. My advice: if you ever have the opportunity to go abroad make it happen.

via dearmusketeer Etsy

I Love Local – Downtown Living Tour

12 Oct

Several weeks ago like I had mentioned we went on Downtown OKC, Inc.’s downtown living tour. We took a few pictures of each place which of course don’t do them justice, but you’ll get the idea (and you can find more/nicer pictures on their websites). Most of the places we toured were shown by the people living there; which was so kind of them to open up their homes to the community. They were also all beautifully decorated and furnished. (All prices/square feet are from a pdf Downtown OKC, Inc. provided.)

Hadden Hall
215 NW 10th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103
SqFt: Ranges from 833 – 1739
Rent: $675 – $1050 per month (1 bed)

Twelve Twelve
1212 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Rent: Starting at $750/mo

707 North Hudson
707 North Hudson Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102
SqFt: Around 1500
Rent: Around $2500

LEVEL Urban Apartments in Deep Deuce
2nd & Walnut, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73101
Rent: 1Bed – $850 – $1160; 2Bed – $1270 – $1520

I love that they’re an apartment complex and they offer recycling!

The Sieber
1305 N. Hudson
SqFt: Ranges from 800 – 1500
Rent: $1100 – $2000

I’ve got one more place to share, but we took quite a few pictures so I’ll save them for another day. The tour really made me want to move further into downtown and redecorate/refurnish my whole apartment. Hopefully Downtown OKC, Inc. will continue to do this tour and will pick a few different places to see next year!

I Love Local – Downtown Living

20 Sep

So the title is a bit of a lie because I don’t technically live downtown, but just stick with me for a minute.

When I graduated from college my roommate and I subleased a house in The Village. After that lease was up we moved into another house in The Village, and then less than a year later a third house also in The Village. Following that house we went our separate ways. I honestly would have been content to stay in The Village, but I wanted to live on my own, and renting an entire house was just a bit out of my budget.

4 houses from the last 4 years

I began looking at downtown and midtown apartment options since I work downtown. While everything I looked at was amazing they were all a bit more than I wanted to spend, or would require me to live in a studio which I just wasn’t sure I’d care for.

I finally ended up a few blocks north of midtown in a great little 8-plex apartment, and I’ve been there for over two years now!

While I don’t know if I’ll ever experience true downtown living I’m excited to tour some of the options on September 30th. Downtown OKC Inc. is putting on a free tour of currently eight different properties. Unfortunately I just checked and it’s completely full, but you can still sign up and get on the waiting list! I’ll definitely post about how it goes.


29 Jun

Every time I visit a home improvement store I like to walk by their display of cactus and succulents. I can never bring myself to spend the three or four bucks each tiny plant is going for, but if they were free and needed a home I’d be your girl.

Ace has been clearing out all their plants this week, and at .74 each these little succulents might as well be free! I bought three knowing they would go perfectly in these little Ikea pots I had stashed away. I ended up back at Ace last night and bought three more. I’m not sure what I’ll plant them in yet, but they sure are cute!

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