Christmas Decorations

16 Dec

Besides decorating in the fall I also go all out decorating for Christmas. Due to some frustrating apartment things I was really worried that I would spend my Christmas vacation packing and moving rather than enjoying the holiday, time off, family, and friends. Luckily everything worked out so that I can put off moving for a few months which also meant I could decorate for Christmas!


My mom and I have been planning to make ornament wreaths for over a year and I got mine mostly finished over the Thanksgiving weekend. I still want to get a few more ornaments when they go on clearance next week to finish it up.wreath

My elf doesn’t have a name and he just stays on his shelf, but I love to put him out every year. When I was a kid one of my grandmothers had a whole clan of knee hugging elves. When I told my mom about the elf on the shelf that my co-worker was doing for her daughter several years ago, and how it looked so much like my grandma’s elves she gifted me one for Christmas. elf mantle stockingHope you’re enjoying some festive decorations around your homes too!


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