Glow Run 5K

8 Mar

I “ran” my first 5K over four years ago. At the time I was swimming a couple days a week, so I figured I was in decent shape. The day came and, although I found the whole ordeal a bit miserable, I did finish with a time of 36:17 which for my first 5K and having not trained at all isn’t terrible. The thing that stuck in my mind the most though was how sore I was for the next week! See us below on the front line on the left of the picture.Run Start Line

This past Friday evening it was determined that I’d be running my second 5K in OKC’s Glow Run on Saturday night. A friend had paid the entry but couldn’t make the race and didn’t want her entry to go to waste. I was dreading it and only agreed when I found out another friend, Jill, was also entered and she and her niece would be jogging and walking. So at least I’d have some friends to keep me going!

The concept of the run was pretty cool – everyone was decked out in neon and glow sticks, glow glasses, glow necklaces and it was dark out. There were no time chips, so it was pretty laid back, and after getting settled at the start line to wait for the start I started feeling less nervous.

The course ended up being really hilly which was awesome when you were going down hill (not so much on the up hill). Jill and her niece set a really good pace and we’d stop every once in a while to walk which was perfect. I kept thinking the whole race, wow this isn’t so bad! I crossed the finish line with a time of 34 something which means an improvement of nearly two minutes! And the next day I was hardly sore at all. I guess my gym visits and run/walking the past several months are paying off!

So, after that second 5K experience if I have a friend to run with (that’s the key) I’d sign up for another one!



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