3 Easy Vegetarian Recipes

14 Feb

One of my former roommates Steph requested more recipes on the blog so that she’d have some ideas for things to cook. So here you go Steph! I’ve made all three of these in the past two weeks, and they’re all on my list to make again. All the photos are from the original recipe/site, so click on through!

Zucchini, Black Bean, & Rice Skillet
This one is simple and filling. I just used regular tomatoes rather than the fire roasted tomatoes this one called for, and it definitely could have used a bit of extra flavor. Next time I’ll either add some salsa, Mexican type spices, or Italian spices.


Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowl
My family made a really good Asian Quinoa salad at Thanksgiving, so ever since I’ve been wanting to try Quinoa in something else. This was delicious, and I love when you can add whatever sounds good to a recipe.

Source: theshiksa.com via Sommer on Pinterest



Baked Spaghetti Squash
Honestly I like this recipe for her method of baking the squash which doesn’t require pre-cutting it. I stop at the end of step two, throw some cheese over my bowl of squash and call it good. I just baked a 4.5 lb squash last night, so maybe I’ll give step three a try tonight.

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