Pickled Peppers – Rounds Two and Three

3 Jan

Pickled Pepper Lids

I had two more pickled pepper recipes I wanted to try out after the first one that I’m told wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the best.

Several months ago I made a few jars of each with the last of the garden’s peppers. The first recipe is from Love.Peace.Happiness.Cooking for Pickled Cayenne Peppers. I used mostly Cayenne the first time I made the recipe, but I made a few more jars for gifts at Christmas with store bought Jalapenos, and as far and I know it didn’t hurt anything.

The second recipe is from My Kitchen Addiction for Pickled Jalapenos. I begged Nate to pick a favorite of the two recipes, but he claims they’re equal. I did love the idea in this recipe to stick your spices in a tea ball though (since you throw them out before putting the liquid in the jars anyway).

Pickled Pepper gifts


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