Happy 2013

2 Jan

Happy New Year! I did quite a bit of traveling over the Christmas week, so I took it easy on New Year’s Eve and day.

I got all my Christmas decorations put away and put up a couple of wintery decorations.

I’ve been watching my way through every episode of Friends.

I watched a special of one of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, that I’d been meaning to watch for a while.

I watched a random movie off of Netflix, Something’s Gotta Give. It was decent.

I saw this pin probably last January, but yesterday I turned around all of my hangers. Hopefully I can get rid of some clothes because my closet is much too full.

Source: buzzfeed.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I also did my least favorite chore of cleaning the bathtub. However this little mixture, also found on Pinterest, makes it not so bad.

Source: Uploaded by user via Paul on Pinterest

And I worked on a project I started all the way back in August! It should be finished this week, and I’ll share the results when it is.

Hope you all had a wonderful festive New Year’s Eve and day!


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