Packing Pickled Peppers

11 Oct

We planted, I think, 12 pepper plants in the garden this year. Cayenne, bell, and jalapeno. As usual the cayenne and jalapeno produce a lot. I’m not a fan of spicy foods so I don’t eat any, but Nate throws them in everything from ramen to vegetable soup. In an effort to help him not let peppers go to waste I pickled a couple of jars worth.

The original site I grabbed the recipe from seems to be down but I found it here. You have to wait four weeks after canning to open them, so we just opened them last week. Nate says they’re pretty good, but a little sweeter and more vinegary than he prefers. We’ll have to try a different recipe out next time. They sure look pretty in their jars though.

My one tip: when they say wear gloves to cut the peppers they’re not joking! The pepper juices burn your skin and cause pain like a heat burn does!


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