I Love Local – Downtown Living

20 Sep

So the title is a bit of a lie because I don’t technically live downtown, but just stick with me for a minute.

When I graduated from college my roommate and I subleased a house in The Village. After that lease was up we moved into another house in The Village, and then less than a year later a third house also in The Village. Following that house we went our separate ways. I honestly would have been content to stay in The Village, but I wanted to live on my own, and renting an entire house was just a bit out of my budget.

4 houses from the last 4 years

I began looking at downtown and midtown apartment options since I work downtown. While everything I looked at was amazing they were all a bit more than I wanted to spend, or would require me to live in a studio which I just wasn’t sure I’d care for.

I finally ended up a few blocks north of midtown in a great little 8-plex apartment, and I’ve been there for over two years now!

While I don’t know if I’ll ever experience true downtown living I’m excited to tour some of the options on September 30th. Downtown OKC Inc. is putting on a free tour of currently eight different properties. Unfortunately I just checked and it’s completely full, but you can still sign up and get on the waiting list! I’ll definitely post about how it goes.


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