Shakespeare in the Park – Othello

18 Sep

Last week I won a ticket through Downtown OKC Inc. to see Oklahoma Shakespeare‘s production of Othello. I was pretty excited because I’d never been to Shakespeare in the Park, and Nate had been talking about wanting to go for a while. So Saturday evening Nate and I headed to the Myriad Gardens Water Stage to catch the evening’s performance.

OK Shakespeare had tweeted to bring your blanket and hot chocolate (since it was a bit chilly), and I took them up on it! Once we arrived I found in the program where they invited people to bring picnic dinners too. We were really wishing we had picked up some Thai food to bring because the show lasted from 8-11:20 and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet!

The seating filled up, and the show was well put together. I thought the actors and actresses did a great job; although you might check with Nate to see what he thought since he has a theater background.

All in all it was an enjoyable evening, and they still have two more weekends of performances (Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) before the season is over. So if you enjoy Shakespeare you might take an evening to check out a performance of Othello!


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