Three Movies in Three Weeks

20 Jul

There are several movies in theaters right now that Nate and I wanted to see, so for the past three weeks he’s been treating me to a movie a week!

The first week we saw “Brave” in 3-D. My dream job is working for Pixar or some similar company, so I always like to see the Pixar film each year (Finding Nemo is my favorite). I personally think 3-D is being over done and would have been just fine to see it in the regular theater. Nate wanted to check it out in 3-D though, and I can’t complain the 3-D was cool. It was a really cute movie, and if you’re interested in seeing it I would say it’s definitely worth seeing in the theater.

Our second week’s film was “Moonrise Kingdom” (the new Wes Anderson film if you keep up with the different directors). It was very good, and my favorite of the three. I really enjoyed everything about it, and it stuck in my head for a few days after seeing it. Wes Anderson films tend to be a bit on the quirky side, so it’s probably not for everyone, but if it piques your interest you should add it to your movies to see list! Nate mentioned that he might want to go see it a second time when it hits the dollar theater, and I’m all for it!

This week we saw “To Rome with Love” (the new Woody Allen film). For me it was just ok. I enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of Rome in the movie, and it had some pretty hilarious parts. I had heard an interview on NPR a few weeks ago about the movie that left me expecting something different, so I was disappointed. There was a lot going on, and in the end I was hoping either the stories intertwined somehow or that the stories could have developed a bit more.


Are there any movies out that you are dying to see? I borrowed “Fantastic Mr. Fox” from the library yesterday (it was a pretty classy movie), and I want to rent “The Artist” and “The Iron Lady” from the Redbox.


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