Mid-Summer Garden

9 Jul

Nate took a few updated photos of the garden for me this weekend. It’s grown a lot since my last post. Specifically check out this picture from the beginning of May.

Compared to two months later at the beginning of July. It’s hard to tell what anything is from the photo because the plants have gone crazy.

A few giant leafed zucchini plants. We’ve had one zucchini, and I counted six or so more that should be ready this week!

Around the middle of last week all the tomatoes started turning, so we’ve eaten fresh tomatoes, salad with tomatoes, BLTs, Caresse salad bites, and tomatoes with cottage cheese. Do you have any favorite ways to eat tomatoes? Next year I’m going to have to leave a bit more walk way room between plants. It’s starting to get a bit difficult to get around!

Cucumbers are on the left. I had a little trouble getting them to come up so no fruit yet, but maybe in the next few weeks. Strawberries are under the screen (we hate sharing with the birds!). I probably pick 5 little berries every day or two. It’s not enough to do anything with, but they’re fun to eat. And on the right are a few volunteer tomato plants I had come up and some marigolds.

And the corn. It’s tall and we have lots of ears!


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