Weekend Gardening

11 Jun

It was quite a busy weekend in the garden! Two weekends ago there was a big hail and wind storm, but thankfully most of the plants are recovering nicely. Some of the garlic that wasn’t very big did get hit, so I went ahead and dug up a bunch of the tiny plants that obviously weren’t going to do much more. There are a few that have pretty thick stems still in the ground, so hopefully they’ve produced some legitimate bulbs of garlic.

I also dug up several of our potato plants. An insect that I never did see has been eating the leaves for a couple months,  so the plants that were dead or leafless came out. I’ve never grown potatoes before, but there were only 2-4 potatoes per plant which didn’t seem like much. I did some research (I know before planting would’ve been better) and found out that if you continue mounding soil around the plant as it grows more potatoes will grow out of the stem. So for next year I’ll know!

We had rain nearly every day this past week and the corn really took off. It’s just under the height of an elephants eye. An experienced gardener was asking me what I did to keep the worms out of the corn and recommended spraying the silks with Pam (or the off brand version). So the corn has now been sprayed down. I also got in between the rows (after the picture below was taken) and started putting down my newspaper weed block, so hopefully the corn will be grass free soon.

The last little gardening bit was making a pepper shaker from last years dried cayenne peppers. It was so hot last year that the peppers didn’t really get going until probably September or October. One night it was supposed to be really cold so rather than try and cover the plants we pulled off bowls full of unripe peppers and tomatoes. A lot of the peppers ripened and dried out, so Nate’s been cooking with them for the past six or more months. He’d mentioned grinding them up and making a little hot pepper shaker, so this weekend I found an old shaker I had and let him borrow my little bullet type blender. I caught a smell of the resulting powder from five feet away, and I’m pretty sure it’s one spicy little shaker!


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