Corporate Challenge 2012

6 Jun

This past weekend was Oklahoma City’s annual Corporate Challenge event. The weekend is like a mini Olympics for employees of OKC companies. My company has been participating for the past four years, and it’s something my co-workers and I prepare and look forward to in the months leading up to it.

2nd Place 5K and 1st Place 5K

The event that’s the biggest deal is the basketball tournament. So, In the months before we try to coordinate basketball practice once a week so that we can practice playing together and brush up on our skills. All that practicing and hard work finally paid off, and the women’s team came away with the gold! We’ve won 2nd a time or two so 1st was huge for us!

The 1st Place Basketball Team

We won’t find out until next week how we did in comparison to the other teams, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 3rd to last place or better (we’ve had last and 2nd to last already). We do know that we won the following:

1st and 3rd Place 5K Cycling

Gold in women’s basketball
Gold in men’s 5K 30-39
Gold in women’s 5K cycle

Silver in women’s freestyle swimming
Silver in the obstacle course
Silver in women’s 5K 30-39

Bronze in men’s sprint relay
Bronze in men’s 5K cycle

I had a part in the women’s basketball, women’s 5K cycle, women’s swimming, and the obstacle course, so I was pretty elated and exhausted after the weekend!

Walk-about Participants


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