Margherita Pita Pizzas

26 May

I’m always trying to think up easy quick meals that wont leave me with more than a day or two of leftovers. I love leftovers, but I would rather not eat the same dish no matter how much I like it for a week straight. This night was Margherita Pizza because the Basil in the garden is finally tall enough to use, but the topping possibilities are endless (canned corn and zucchini slices are a favorite of mine)! Pita Pizzas are also awesome because they can help you use up other leftovers.

Margherita Pita Pizzas

1 Package of pita (I used whole wheat)
1 Jar or can of pasta sauce (freeze the leftover or use up the leftover from last nights pasta)
1 Sliced tomato
Several leaves of fresh basil chopped

1. Build your pizzas.
2. Bake on 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
3. Eat!


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