Indoor Gardening

22 May

I really like my little apartment, but one thing that would be amazing to have that I don’t is a balcony or private porch. I would fill it up with a jungle of potted plants and vegetables. Until that day though I’m making do with windowsills and sunny spots.

I went to visit my parents this weekend and my mom gave me some Aloe Vera sprouts. Aloe is one house plant that I’ve successfully killed, so hopefully these little guys survive. Below is my kitchen windowsill. From left to right is aloe, green onion, I believe a variety of Philodendron (also a cutting from my mom’s plant), mint, and a moss terrarium. 

You’ve probably seen the pin on Pinterest where you can re-grow your green onions after cutting off all the green. After weeks in water I finally just stuck mine down in a little pot of dirt. I think eventually the onion bulb part will run out of nutrients, but for now I’ve got fresh green onions.

My mint I cut out of the garden at Nate’s and I’m working on rooting it. There’s this little strip of dirt and weeds next to where I park at my apt. I’m going to pull up the boring weeds and see if I can get some edible ones (mint, basil, chives, and dill) to grow and take over there.

My cute little terrarium was a Christmas or birthday gift from my old roommate Steph. She got it off Etsy from this shop: I’ve probably had it for close to three years now and it’s still kicking with next to no work on my part!

I’ve got a couple more pots that I have plans for, but I’ll blog about those another day.


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